Hi, I’m Kate, welcome to my corner of the web! I like chocolate, cake, vegetables, running, red wine, red lipstick, red dresses, coffee, travel, happy hour, night trains, barre classes, butter, sleep, pyjamas, Christmas, tea, and breakfast. I don’t like student debt, negative people, or decaf coffee.

I’m a twenty-year-old Oxford student who spends more time making, eating, and thinking about food than actually studying. Here you’ll find a collection of my more successful experiments in the kitchen, as well as travel guides, health and lifestyle posts and general ramblings as and when I feel like sharing them.

I don’t eat meat, and I try to cook with unrefined, wholesome, seasonal ingredients wherever possible, because that’s what makes me feel best – it also happens to be better for the planet. However, I don’t follow a set diet and believe in everything in moderation – including, of course, moderation.